Customer Care

Key Recovery Process

To get started, please select your country (i.e. country where the product is located, and where the keys, if needed, must be sent) and verify that you have completed the Identity Verification Document.

United Kingdom Ireland

Please contact us if you wish to ship a replacement key to a different European country.

Do you have the completed Identity Verification Document?

For you and your product’s security, you’ll need an Identity Verification Document to recover your key and/or combo. This allows Master Lock to know who you are and prevents this information from falling into the wrong hands.

Note: the address on the Identity Verification Document must be the same as the ship-to address (the product's owner address).

Please follow the steps below to complete an Identity Verification Document.

  1. Download and complete the Identity Verification Document.

    Identity Verification Document - English (PDF)
  2. Have the completed Identity Verification Document legalized.

  3. Return to Master Lock/SentrySafe key and combo recovery webshop and continue the next steps to recover your combination.

Did you register your safe online?

Master Lock does not store your username or password. Please place your username and password in a safe and secure location. If you prefer a secure online storage option, we encourage you to visit